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  1. Introduction
  2. Love
  3. Light
  4. Dark
  5. Seeking Solace
  6. Break Away
  7. Heaven
  8. Innocence
  9. Drive
  10. Breathe Again
  11. Memory
  12. Insanity
  13. Misfortune
  14. Smile
  15. Silence
  16. Questioning
  17. Blood
  18. Rainbow
  19. Gray
  20. Cookies
  21. Vacation
  22. Mother…

youmakesavingtheworldmagical asked:

Ah seriously, i still can't believe the castle fandom went THAT low with you. It's truly disgusting and you really didn't deserve this.

Well, the fandom, for the most part, seems to have forgotten that I exist and I kind of like it that way because now I can have my contrary opinions and what not and no one gives a shit anymore.

Either that of they just haven’t found me again yet.

Anonymous asked:

Hey!, so i really don't understand why did you remove maybe this time from fanfcition and where can i find the whole story thanks

TL;DR version: After not kissing the right asses in the Castle fandom, several “go kill yourself” and “your writing is shit” messages appeared, continuously, in my ask and didn’t really stop until I pulled all my Castle fic from the internet and deleted this tumblr.

As interest/time allows, I am slowly reposting things here.

Maybe This Time was never completed, there for it does not exist in it’s entirety anywhere.

Anonymous asked:

Are you ever gonna continue the Da Capo Al Fine Gilmore Girls fanfic?

Here’s a series I haven’t thought about in YEARS.

Honestly, I have no idea. The hell that was season six and seven of the show and the elitism in the fandom really killed my obsession with it and then I discovered SG1 and it really fell by the wayside.

I have started watching the show again, but I really haven’t been writing recently.

That being said, all I can give you is the firm possibility of a maybe.